Cue the Music
 June 2011

So everyone has been asking what's going on with SLABMusic and if it's dead. No, it's not dead.  We've had a tough few years trying to find a direction to take it and it looks like our goal is now a tad clearer. We didn't want to compete with the thousands of music sites that are out there and wanted to do something very different.

We are re-launching SLABMusic as a site that honors local musicians in the Southeast (Georgia and all the states that touch it), but that also covers local bands from the past. Bands that are a rich part of the local music history such as Stuck Mojo, Cool Joe, Violent Sky, Sly Winkerdean, Beehive, Graffiti Jungle, New Reality, League of Decency, Mothers Finest, Needleye, Brighter Shade, Chain Poets, and the list goes on and on.

And yes, it even includes YOUR local band.  The band that YOU were in back in the 80's or 90's. So send us your old demo tapes and CD's and maybe even a little back history of where the members are now and cool stories.

We'll be digging through our hundreds of old band CD's that we were sent way back in the day, demo cassette tapes that we were handed decades ago and setting up an homage via radio shows, reunion events, and reviews of those albums of the past. Any way that we can to pay tribute to the music heritage that is us.

And of course, the new local bands that are on the scene now making it happen and grinding away in the name of great new music.   So keep the demo's coming (old and new). Yes, we swear that it IS coming.
c/o Chris Horton
3340 Haverhill Rowe
Lawrenceville, GA 30044